Comment Policy

Comments are activated on this site, and I encourage you to ask any questions you may have.  Remember, though, that my Standard Disclaimer always applies. In order to keep this site useful and not scare-off-the-newbies mean, I’ve got a few rules to impose:

  • Stay on-topic. You don’t have to agree with me or anyone else, and a little bit of thread-drift is going to happen, but please refrain from leaping into a thread about, say, abandoned shopping carts on the bike trail with a rant about the Armory.  If you want to talk about something that doesn’t have a post that seems appropriate, click here and let me know.
  • Be civil. Ad hominem or personal attacks, unnecessary profanity, and aggressive behavior are not going to be treated well here (though you’ll generally get more leeway for attacks against me than you’ll get for attacks against other commenters… I’m the one doing most of the speechifying, after all, and I’ve got a pretty thick skin). If you’re just here to pick fights, though, don’t bother.
  • Tell the truth. Being honestly mistaken is one thing; being wrong on purpose is another.  If you want to spread misleading or false information, please return to Facebook. ;)
  • No spam. You know what this means; I know what this means; everybody else knows what this means.  I’ll enforce this one without warning or mercy.

I’m also the guy who decides which comments violate the comment policy, so while I prefer to issue gentle warnings, I can choose to be all tin-pot dictatorial about it if I get the whim (remember, this is my personal site, not something authorized or sponsored by the City of Cottage Grove, so I’ll just laugh and villainously twirl my mustache at the standard First Amendment-based arguments). Still, I intend to be pretty darned laissez-faire about the whole thing, as long as it’s not abused too badly.

Now, go forth and comment!

— Jake

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