Jake’s Standard Disclaimer

I’m going to be referring to this disclaimer a lot.  If you ever see a post on this site that doesn’t refer you here, it’s almost certainly safe to assume that the omission is due to an oversight on my part, and that this disclaimer applies:

I am in no way empowered to speak on behalf of the City of Cottage Grove, the Cottage Grove City Council, the League of Oregon Cities, or any other entity or group; I speak only for myself.  I am also not an attorney, and nothing I say should be taken to constitute legal advice.  As a human, I’m subject to bias, to preconception, and to error.  This means that all of my pronouncements should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism and weighed carefully against known facts.  If you spot a factual error in anything I have said or written, please let me know about it so that I can make a correction.

— Jake

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