Open Questions

If you have a question that doesn’t already have a post dedicated to it, feel free to ask it here; in this thread, everything is considered “on-topic.”  It’ll also give me some good information as to what sort of posts I need to concentrate on next. :)

— Jake

6 comments on “Open Questions

  1. Duane Taddei says:

    Jake, do you know what the results of the traffic studies were in our Ward?? Specifically on W Main and R. St?


  2. jakeboone says:

    It appears that the City staff are currently trying to get all of the data they gathered into some sort of human-readable format so they can present it to the Council. I believe they’re hoping to have it ready for the meeting on Monday, September 14th, assuming there’s room on the agenda and nothing weird crops up.

    (I’m told there was an issue with someone tampering with the tubes attached to one of the sensors, which rendered some of the data completely worthless… identifying shenanigans and figuring out how best to filter them out can slow down the process.)

    So we should know more pretty soon.


    • Duane Taddei says:

      What you weren’t told was there are also issues with the city managers decision on placement of these devices that also renders the data useless and therefore was a complete waste of time. Neither the city engineer nor the city manager ever returned my calls to their offices. I guess you know now, and I’d be interested in discussing this issue.l


      • jakeboone says:

        It’s true that I wasn’t told that. Can you be more specific about the problem(s) and why/how you’ve reached the conclusion that the data is useless and that the measurements were a “complete waste of time”?


        • Duane Taddei says:

          Well, I’d rather speak to you about this in person but I’ll tell you that they placed the strips about 50 feet from a stop sign… what kind of data were they expecting to obtain when people are already slowing down for a stop sign??? My guess is that the data would appear to show that there was no speeding problem on R st.


          • jakeboone says:

            We can absolutely speak about it in person; it’s just that if I know your concerns beforehand, I can smarten myself up on the specifics before we talk. Otherwise, since I’m not a traffic engineer, I’d end up just shrugging and saying, “I have no idea what to tell you” a lot, and then you might feel like I’ve wasted your time.

            As far as the sensor near the stop sign (assuming you’re talking about the R and Main intersection) goes, though, I seem to remember the City Manager mentioning that that one was there to capture the traffic in the *other* direction, to see whether or not people are wheeling off of Main onto R without slowing down or not. There was another one some distance along R to check the speeding issue in both directions on R St. proper.

            Give me a call on, say, Tuesday or Wednesday? I’m pretty booked up for the weekend, and City Hall will be closed ’til Tuesday anyhow, so I won’t be able to talk to anyone who knows what’s up before then.


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