When and where are City Council meetings held?

City Council meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.*  They start at 7:00 PM, and are held in Cottage Grove City Hall, at 400 East Main Street.  Members of the public have an opportunity to speak about items not on the Council agenda at the beginning of the meeting.  If you want to speak to an item that appears on that evening’s agenda, you will usually have an opportunity to do so at the time that the item is taken up for consideration.

To see the agenda for an upcoming meeting, just click here.  (Usually, a new agenda will appear at the link on the Wednesday before the meeting in question.)

— Jake

* If a Council meeting falls on a holiday, etc., or if there’s no business on the agenda, that meeting may be postponed or cancelled.  By charter, though, there must be at least one Council meeting per month, even if we’ve got nothing to talk about.

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