Three Short Answers to Three Baseless Rumors

Rumors abound in our fair city, so I figured I should take a moment to knock down a trio of the most egregiously silly ones:

Q. Is Coiner Park going to be converted into a housing development?

A. No.  It’s a park, and there are no plans to change that.

Q. Did the city block an attempt by McMenamins’ to purchase the Armory?

A. No.  McMenamins’ never made any attempt to purchase the Armory.

Q. Is the City going to destroy the Opal Whiteley mural?

A. No.  It’s on private property, so even if the City wanted to, they couldn’t.

Heard any other rumors (plausible or otherwise)?  Ask about them in the comments!

2 comments on “Three Short Answers to Three Baseless Rumors

  1. Julleanna Sickler says:

    Are there plans for a dog park?


    • jakeboone says:

      The answer to that is a little bit tricky, yes/no-wise.

      I know that the City is looking into the feasibility of getting the use of a big chunk of land over near the high school, and the Sentinel reported recently that there’s some sort of private effort underway to put in a small dog park in a lot near/behind the car wash on Main Street.

      So the answer is sort of a qualified yes, since there’s at least some movement in that direction… even though I don’t know anything beyond what the Sentinel has said about the private effort, and I’m not sure that the City’s feasibility stuff, as of yet, technically rises to the level of a full-fledged “plan”…

      (The city may have more than 12% of a plan, actually. But I couldn’t give up the opportunity to post this clip.) :)


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